Autumn prep your skin

Let’s leave summer behind and welcome autumn and all its beautiful colors with lit candles and cozy knitted sweaters.

Autumn usually comes very suddenly and it is usually noticeable by the skin feeling a bit dry, as it cannot absorb the skin care products we apply. After a summer of sun and sunscreen, your skin needs some extra care to remove old skin cells that clog your pores and prevent products from being absorbed by your skin. It is important to choose a gentle peel as the sun can still show its rays from time to time.
Our Cristal Clear Face Peeling contains fine crystals of Silica and natural oils, leaving your skin clean, soft and more receptive to other products. Don’t forget that your body has also been exposed to the stresses of summer and needs some extra care to remove dead skin cells and dry patches. Scrub your body with our Exfoliating Body Scrub for soft, elastic and moisturized skin.

Take care

Mina sidor