Making a difference

In 1997 I moved to Stockholm and started my training in beauty and dermatology. This is where the great interest in active skincare ingredients began. I was fascinated by the impact the right ingredients could have on skin health and how small means could make a big difference. We can read so much in our skin, it is like a mirror of our general well-being. A large part of our self-esteem is also located there.

My interest in skincare ingredients has followed me throughout my life. In my profession as a beauty entrepreneur, I come into daily contact with people who need help and advice, and it is this challenge to make a difference that made me decide to start my own skincare brand. I wanted to create a range of pure, innovative and active substances together with the best nature has to offer, made in Sweden.

For me, a walk in nature is the best beauty treatment. Fresh air, relaxation and time for myself and my thoughts. That’s how I want you to feel when you use Facing North products. Only time for you.

Take care

/Eva Lena


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