My products

All facing north products are made to complement each other. The order is up to you but I recommend the thinnest consistency first. For example, if you want to use the whole range, you can start by washing your skin with the Cleanser. The balancing face mist is great to spray or use on a pad to balance and prepare the skin for future products, it can also be used several times throughout the day as a moisturizing mist.

Then choose which of the three serums you want to use, feel free to alternate days or one during the day and one at night. Maybe you want to wake up your tired skin with the Enzyme Peel to clean up and remove dead skin cells, or you need the oil to give a glow, protect and strengthen. The niacinamide serum is a multi-active serum that strengthens the lipid barrier, reduces pores and works on pigmentation.

Apply the cream over your serum for good bacteria protection and fantastically moisturized skin. Finally, apply the light but active eye cream which, with its algae content, purifies and reduces swelling under the eye and on the eyelid. Take care! /Eva-Lena


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